Updated: BETA 1 coming soon!

Hi! I am working on BETA 1 right now and here is a quick preview of the changes coming soon:


Updated Changelog from 03.08.2013:

BETA 1 (

  • fixed flickering objects on first visit of "Infos" Tab
  • fixed trailing space in server.cfg when using a Seed from the Seedlist
  • added onetime Feedback reminder
  • added link to Tweaks (possible fix for blue fog)
  • added Port selector for Cube.exe and Server.exe
  • added message if no new update is available after a manual check in the settings
  • added Slap counter
  • added hint to reduce input lag to Tweaks (should help many people)
  • added Newsticker
  • added a few new tooltips to buttons (just put your cursor over them)
  • added hint for random seed generator in server tab
  • added link to new support forums to "About"
  • added link to Bl4ckSh33p-Soft to "About"
  • added new links for Wiki and Mod Database
  • added small ad to unregistered version
  • added "Remove Ads" button for everyone who donated anything to "About"
  • added option to force backups of Cube.exe and Server.exe on startup (hold down ALT-key when clicking on "Launch Cube World")

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    Cara Melancarkan Haid (Tuesday, 09 May 2017 11:08)

    we thank you very much to those of you who are already taking the time for the making of this article, so as to be useful for all of us